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Writing Effective Business Cases


A good business case will explain the problem, identify all the possible options to address it, and allow decision-makers to decide which course of action will be best for the organization.

It will also allow any changes to the scope or timescale of the project to be assessed against the original purpose.

Learn more about writing business cases in our skills-intensive workshop Writing Effective Business Cases starting on July 18th where you will Learn the steps to effective business case development and supports your strategic business recommendations with sound budgeting and financial back-up.

This workshop will help provide participants with the blueprint to make high-impact recommendations and receive full management support for your ideas.

This course is suitable for both novices and experienced people who regularly develop and present budgets, business plans and recommendations.

For more information about this and other upcoming training and development opportunities, give us a call at 614-481-6555 or e-mail