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World Wide Partner Conference

Hey everyone!

Babbage Simmel sent two of our own to the Microsoft World Wide Partner Conference in Los Angeles last week, and what we learned is that there are many things to be excited about in the world of technology coming very soon!  Let’s start by checking out one of the keynote addresses by Steve Ballmer himself!


Cloud computing is going to be huge in the world of IT.  We are talking about major changes on the horizon and the need for training on the Cloud will be in high demand.  With that being said, many are still wondering exactly “What is the Cloud?”  Check out these two articles on Cloud computing and prepare for the changes ahead!

I also wanted to highlight a few classes this week that are on the horizon and still have seats available.

CISSP 8/8/11-8/12/11

This five-day, instructor-led course trains students in all areas of the security Common Body of Knowledge (CBK). They will learn about security policy development, secure software development procedures, network vulnerabilities, attack types and corresponding countermeasures, cryptography concepts and their uses, disaster recovery plans and procedures, risk analysis, crucial laws and regulations, forensics basics, computer crime investigation procedures, physical security, and much, much more. They will explore the contents and concepts that make up the diverse domains and learn how they work together to provide true “in-depth” defense.

M-10262 8/15/11-8/19/11

In this course, experienced developers who know the basics of Windows Forms development gain more advanced Windows Client design and development skills. WinForms and WPF programming models, as well as relative strengths and when to use each technology, are covered.

M-6235 8/31/11-9/2/11

This three-day instructor-led course teaches students how to implement an Integration Services solution in an organization. The course discusses how to develop, deploy, and manage Integration Services packages.

See you all back here next week!