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Windows 7 and Virtualization

With the fall semester in full swing here at Babsim we are filling up classes fast!  This week I wanted to highlight a few popular classes that still have a couple seats available.

First let’s start with our Windows 7 class on 11/2/11. 

The primary audience for this course is the Enterprise Desktop Support Technician (EDST) providing Tier 2 support. The secondary audience for this course is the Desktop Support Technician (DST) in an Upper MORG Organization.
In addition to their professional experience, students who attend this training should already have the following technical knowledge:

• Networking fundamentals, including TCP/IP/User Datagram Protocol (UDP), Domain Name
• System (DNS)
• Microsoft Active Directory principles and management
• Microsoft Windows Server 2008 fundamentals
• Microsoft Windows Client fundamentals
• Fundamentals of using the 2010 Microsoft Office system or the 2007 Microsoft Office system

This course is also eligible for our promotion this week if you’re following us on Facebook.  If you aren’t following us then you’re missing out on all kinds of great offers and savings on great training!

Next I want to talk about our newly released VMware 5.0 class on 11/7/11.  With courseware from ESX Labs this is what students can look forward to:

This powerful 5-day class is an intense introduction to virtualization using VMware’s vSphere™ 5.0 including VMware ESX™ 5.0 and vCenter™. Assuming no prior virtualization experience, this class starts with the basics and rapidly progresses to more advanced topics. More than 40% of class time is devoted to labs so concepts, skills and best practices are developed and reinforced.  Initial labs focus on installation and configuration of stand-alone ESXi servers. As the class progresses, shared storage, networking and centralized management are introduced. The class continues on to more advanced topics including resource balancing, high availability, backup and recovery, troubleshooting and more. Disaster recovery, rapid deployment, hot migration and workload consolidation are also covered.

Another great class available on 11/14/11 is the M-10264: Developing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

In this course, students will learn to develop advanced ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms applications using .NET Framework 4 tools and technologies. The focus will be on coding activities that enhance the performance and scalability of the Web site application. ASP.NET MVC will be introduced and compared with Web Forms so that students know when each should/could be used. This will also prepare the student for exam 70-515.