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Which TFS Developer Course Is Right for You?


Regardless of the type of development you do, be it web, mobile, windows, or services, you need proficiency with the core skills that facilitate development in a team.

Two courses are offered that have been designed with the developer in mind.

1. TFS 2015 Developer Fundamentals

This popular developer fundamentals course is targeted at the developer new to Microsoft Team Foundation Server or Visual Studio Team Services. The course starts by getting developers familiar with the product suite before they create a new Team Project to organize their work. We then move onto Work Item Tracking, which is where requirements, tasks, bugs, and more are defined and tracked throughout the project.

The central part of the course provides a deep dive into version control topics that are central to a developer’s day-to-day work. This includes defining a branching model for the team and how to branch and merge following best practices. The course then examines unit testing and code quality features before moving onto the new build automation introduced in the 2015 product release.

2. TFS 2015 Advanced Developer Features

Many developers have been using Visual Studio for many years and continue to use the same features they have always used. This 2-day course is designed to educate developers on many of the features available in Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise edition that could greatly improve their code quality and productivity.

The Enterprise Edition is the “fully loaded” edition of Visual Studio and includes features that can improve your code testing, including the Fakes Framework and IntelliTest. There are also many new features to improve debugging and troubleshooting your code, such as IntelliTrace as well as the Performance and Diagnostics Hub. Finally, we’ll take a look at Code Visualisation and some of the modeling tools available to you.

Both of these courses are offered on a regular basis throughout the year on the public schedule but they can also be delivered as a private onsite course to help get your entire team up to speed quickly and efficiently.

TFS 2015 Classes

TFS 2015 Configuration & Administration 10/10, 11/15, 12/19

Build and Release Management Using TFS 2015 10/17, 12/1, 3/27

Managing Agile Projects Using TFS 2015 or VSTS 10/19, 12/5, 1/9

TFS 2015 Immersion 10/24, 12/12, 2/13

TFS 2015 Developer Fundamentals 10/31, 12/8, 1/30

Software Testing Using Microsoft Test Manager 2015 10/31, 12/12, 1/16

TFS 2015 Advanced Developer Features 11/2, 1/12, 4/5

Test Automation, Web Performance, and Load Testing with Visual Studio 2015 11/3, 12/15, 1/19

DevOps Using Visual Studio TFS 2015 11/28, 2/1, 4/5

BizTalk Server 2013 Classes

BizTalk 2013 Developer Immersion 10/17, 11/14, 12/12

BizTalk 2013 Developer Deep Dive 10/24, 12/19, 2/13

BizTalk 2013 Administrator Immersion 11/7, 1/9, 4/3

BizTalk 2013 Administrator Deep Dive 11/28, 2/6, 5/15

BizTalk Server Classes

BizTalk Expert Series: EDI 11/16, 3/20, 7/5

BizTalk Expert Series: ESB 11/21, 2/22, 7/5

Azure App Service Classes

Cloud-Based Integration Using Azure App Service 12/5, 3/20, 6/5