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The Rise in Mobile Computing

A recent article on Infoworld goes into detail about how Yahoo wants to accelerate its development of mobile products geared toward delivery of personalized content, as the company works to stay relevant in a world where smartphones and tablets are becoming dominant.

Everything seems to be going mobile these days.  Everyone is on the go and in constant contact with their mobile devices.  This means that many organizations need to be able to develop a presence for mobile products.  Consumers may be going mobile more rapidly than just about anyone in the computing industry could have predicted. Two new reports show sales of desktop and laptop machines dropping sharply in the first quarter of 2013.  The good news is that here at BabSim we can get you started on the right path.  Let’s take a look at some of the classes we offer that can get your company’s mobile programming off the ground.

Enterprise iPhone and iPad Programming

For: Developers and architects responsible for iOS application development.

This 5 day iPhone training course teaches application development for the iOS platform. It covers iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. This course starts off by building a solid foundation in Objective-C. It then goes into details of application user interface development. After that the class teaches network access, SQL database, multimedia and graphics programming.

After completing this iPhone training course, a student will be able to build robust, high performing and compelling applications for iPhone and iPad.

What will students will learn?

  • User friendly GUI development
  • Network communication
  • Multi-tasking and multi-threading
  • Data storage in file system and database
  • Multi-media programming
  • Detecting memory leaks and resolving them
  • Performance tuning

Programming for Android

For: Developers and architects who will be developing applications for Android devices.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Java. Familiarity with Eclipse is a plus but not necessary.

Android is an open source platform for mobile computing. Applications are developed using familiar Java and Eclipse tools. This Android training course teaches students the architecture, API and techniques to create robust, high performance and appealing applications for the Android devices. While many classes focus on the mobile device, this course also deals with the server side architecture. This makes the class ideal for enterprise class businesses. After taking this Android training course, students will be able to build robust and high performance applications for the enterprises.

Here is what students will learn:
•The architecture of Android OS.
•Using the Eclipse based development environment.
•GUI development.
•Supporting multiple languages.
•Accessing data from files, network and SQL database.
•Audio and video playback.
•Automated testing of your applications.
•Selling your applications in Android market.

Building Mobile Web Sites

For: This course is designed for someone who is already proficient with Web 2.0 style programming. That means, good knowledge of Ajax, JSON, DOM API is assumed. As a result, the following topics are not covered in details. We assume that students know these topics well: Ajax, DOM API, and jQuery

This course teaches how to use the new features of HTML5 in a mobile platform. Two key aspects of this training class are:

-Architecture options. For example, do we need two separate web sites for mobile and desktop or can we render the same HTML markup using two different CSS files?

-New features of HTML5 in details.  For example, Canvas and Offline.

You can read the full article on Yahoo’s mobile plans here.