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Power your future through security skilling

Organizations continue to struggle to fill the security skills gap with an estimated shortfall of 3.5 million security professionals by 2021. That’s why we strive to ensure you have the skilling and learning resources you need to keep up in our world of complex cybersecurity attacks. Babbage Simmel is excited to offer four new courses […]

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Cybersecurity Safety Tips

Keep a Clean Machine Keep security software up to date: Having the latest security software, web browser and operating system is the best defense against viruses, malware and other online threats. Automate software updates: Many software programs will automatically connect and update to defend against known risks. Turn on automatic updates if that’s an available […]

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Key Cybersecurity Terms

Botnet – A botnet (robot and network) is a network of devices infected by an attacker and then used together to perform tasks such as DDoS attacks (see below), mining Bitcoin, and spreading spam emails. Almost any device connected to the internet, including home routers, can be infected and pulled into a botnet without its owner […]

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Cybersecurity: Increasing Regulation

A final aspect of the cybersecurity landscape that is worthy of attention isn’t strictly technology related but instead relates to regulation and legislation. For many years the information technology industry was left to its own devices when it came to how much energy they put into protecting information systems infrastructure. Unfortunately, the industry hasn’t been […]

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Cybersecurity: Transition to the Cloud

The cybersecurity landscape has been substantially altered by organizations moving on-premise workloads to the cloud. Important to note though is that moving infrastructure, applications, and data to the cloud doesn’t mean that the responsibility for information security shifts from organizational personnel to the cloud provider. As has been amply demonstrated by developers leaving cloud storage […]

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Cybersecurity: IoT

Another big change in the cybersecurity landscape over the past decade has been the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is the network of physical objects, devices, televisions, refrigerators, home climate systems, cars, and other items, that are increasingly embedded with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity that enables these objects to […]

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Cybersecurity: Automation of Detection

One aspect of the cybersecurity landscape that has become brighter for defenders is that it has become easier to detect attacks that would have otherwise only been apparent through expert analysis of information system’s event log telemetry. While some attackers are overt and do little to hide their presence on the network, competent attackers often […]

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Cybersecurity: Monetization of Malware

A big change in the recent cybersecurity landscape is coin mining software. Coin minding software is software that mines cryptocurrency, such as Monero, Bitcoin, or Ethereum. This is a big change because in the past it was difficult for an attacker to monetize an intrusion. Coin mining software makes monetizing intrusions straightforward. An attacker who […]

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Cybersecurity: Attack Tools Availability and Sophistication

An adage within the cybersecurity industry is that tools that are only available to the elite hacking teams of nation-state intelligence agencies today will be available to teenage script kiddies within five years. “Script Kiddie” is a derisive term to describe an individual who uses sophisticated scripts and applications developed by experts to attack information […]

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Cybersecurity: Skills Gap

It’s regularly reported that the field of information security doesn’t have enough trained personnel to meet industry needs. The recent Global Information and Security Workforce Study by the Center for Cyber Safety and Education projected a global shortfall of 1.8 million information security workers by 2022. Organizations cannot begin to protect themselves from the various […]

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