COVID-19 Update: All live classes can be attended from home. Learn More

Virtual Classroom Live

Babbage Simmel’s Virtual Classroom Live brings a live classroom environment straight to our customers, ensuring that each student receives an engaging learning experience no matter where they are.  This includes live lectures, demonstrations, and virtual labs.

While COVID-19 presents unique business continuity challenges, our Virtual Classroom Live solution can help you solve:

  • Travel Restrictions – Virtual Classroom Live has a worldwide reach and eliminates the need for any travel.
  • Remote Work Directives – Virtual Classroom Live training provides the ability to log in to a classroom without ever leaving your home office.
  • Social Distancing – Attending a Virtual Classroom Live session supports the need for physical separation while creating an inclusive online environment

Ready to participate in the same live, instructor-led classroom experience but from the comfort of your home?  E-mail us or call (614) 481-4345.