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Live Online Training

babsimLIVE is an online IT training solution that blends traditional classroom instruction with leading conferencing and collaboration technologies allowing IT professionals to get the training they want when they need it.

Unlike other distance learning options, babsimLIVE brings the classroom learning experience to you by seating you virtually into a real-life instructor-led classroom taught by award winning world-class instructors with other IT professionals like yourself. From the comfort of your home, workplace, or at the Babbage Simmel Columbus Campus, you acquire the training you need, when you want it, in the environment that is most comfortable for you to be successful.

Students Are Able To:

  • Participate in the live instructor-led classroom demonstrations and labs
  • Communicate easily in real time with course instructor and classmates – ask questions, get clarification and contribute your insights
  • View the instructor’s presentation and demonstrations
  • Get remote hands-on help from the instructor during labs and demos
  • Learn in an interruption free classroom environment

Network/Bandwidth Requirements
In order for you to have a satisfactory classroom experience, we require a minimum connection capable of a sustained 1024Kbps download speed and a 768Kbps upload speed. Most broadband-type connections are capable of this speed, however some DSL providers may not be able to sustain trasfer rates of this level. To test your network capability, please visit and run their diagnostic.