Microsoft Professional Program | CyberSecurity

Lock in your CyberSecurity Skills

CyberSecurity threats are on the rise and now more than ever businesses need skilled team members to help prevent and mitigate breaches. This 10-course program will help you identify threats early on and minimize breach impacts.

Microsoft Professional Program for CyberSecurity

Learn the necessary skills to start or progress


Hands-on learning with the latest CyberSecurity tools
Each course in the Microsoft Professional Program in CyberSecurity features hands-on learning so you can practice with the most sought-after skills. Assessments that require more than just memorization ensure that you have mastered these new skills.

Learn on your own time
All courses are available online and on demand – so whether you plan to spend a couple of hours per day or a couple of hours per week, you can work on these skills at the pace that is right for you.