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Media Security Solutions

Babbage Simmel is a Business Partner with TechR2 a leading company with a portfolio of data eradication solutions, sound experience, industry best practices and resources.

Babbage Simmel’s strategic partnership with TechR2 provides our clients with comprehensive Media Security Solutions including Tear-A-Byte® TechR2’s comprehensive Track-Contain-Destroy patented process developed to fully protect its business partners from data breaches resulting from mismanaged loose data-bearing devices.

Majority of Data Breaches Come From Inside Threats!

TechR2’s patented cross OEM platform security services strategy addresses what is otherwise an ill-defined process for media retention throughout our industry. TechR2’s state-of-the-art cloud based RFID utilized Inventory Management system is unmatched in the marketplace – and GDPR requires it! Here are features which differentiate an industry leader:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Implementation Roadmap
  • Training
  • Initial Track & Destroy (Quarantine)
  • Tear-A-Byte® for Datacenter
  • Enterprise & Co-Lo
  • Onsite Data Reconciliation & Destruction
  • IT Asset Retirement
  • ISO14001 Recycling
  • Risk Mitigation
Tear-A-Byte® DataCenter

The Tear-A-Byte® Datacenter appliance, along with TechR2’s patented track-contain-destroy process securely contains all failed and decommissioned data-bearing devices onsite, integrates RFID IT Asset real-time tracking, inventory control, automated audit trail, meets NIST 800-88 guidelines & more.

Tear-A-Byte® Enterprise

Designed to fit permanently inside a designated and secure setting, the Tear-A-Byte® Enterprise provides the best security for controlling data bearing devices once removed from company laptops and desktops.

Certification & Compliance Matters.

TechR2 holds the following certifications in international Standards of Management Systems to maximize business security best practices:

  • ISO 27001 for a secured environment
  • ISO 14001 to minimize environmental impact
  • ISO 9001 to maximize customer care
  • OHSAS 18001 for control over relevant hazards
  • R2 for maintaining global recycling standards
  • HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, SOX, and GLBA for additional compliance

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