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Enterprise Learning Solutions

Babbage Simmel is driven by knowledge dissemination. This mission commits us to enable our clients to be self-sufficient and to be able to handle the rigors of their jobs with ease. For twenty-eight years we have enabled over forty thousand professionals to hone their skills.

Enterprise Training SolutionsThrough classes, mentoring, and customized training, we have worked with organizations to assess their team’s proficiency in critical productivity areas and to create practical and scalable education programs to address those skill gaps.

Our Enterprise Solutions options ensure your success. Whatever the level of education required, Babbage Simmel offers a variety of education programs and delivery methods to meet your unique needs.

Managed Programs

Our managed programs are designed to be both flexible and scalable, providing you with an optimal and worry-free training solution regardless of whether you’re training a local or a distributed workforce. Our expert team can work with you to create and manage a tailored program to fit your needs.


Our mentoring services blend on-the-job knowledge transfer with consulting. This service builds your intellectual capital by increasing individual skills at the same time that it is building organizational processes. This growth is key to ensuring success in implementing new technologies and increasing the value of your organization.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that each company’s business objectives and education needs are unique, and that not all off-the-shelf classes are a perfect match for staff. We develop custom courses and programs to meet the business and education goals of our clients. These custom solutions can be delivered at our training center, or where the client’s needs dictate.

Private Group Training

If you already have a good idea of the training you need, we can provide expert instruction and tailored courses delivered on-site, to your facility of choice, or via the Internet. Save time and money by training a small or large group with our On-Site or Distance Learning options.

Blended Learning Options

Differing learning styles, training goals and student locations often require a combination of instructor-led and self-paced learning. Choose the right delivery method for you or your team, or talk to our training advisors about a tailored, blended learning solution that best meets your needs.

Delivery Methods

Distance Learning

Instructor led distance learning delivers the same content and labs as the classroom, with a live instructor, in real time, via the Internet. It’s completely interactive-you will talk with your instructor and your peers. Offering all the benefits of traditional instructor led training but enabling the student to take the course from virtually any appropriate location that has good internet access.

Classroom Learning

Babbage Simmel’s expert instructors, hands-on labs, and superior content provide excellent, results-oriented training. When you or your team take training, you want a comfortable, ready-to-learn atmosphere where students can interact with their peers and get real-world, knowledgeable instruction.

Private/On-Site Learning

You’ll receive expert instruction and tailored curriculum, delivered to your facility or the location of your choice. Save time and money by training a small or large group with our private, On-Site delivery method.

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