BPM Practice

Business Process Management

Today’s businesses face a myriad of ongoing challenges, which includes improving operational efficiency, the need to respond quickly to changing market conditions, the drive to improve customer satisfaction and the pressures to comply with frequently changing mandates and government regulations. Businesses looking to succeed in today’s rapid-paced economy must be agile, innovative and consider the effectiveness of their cross-functional business performance.

Business Process ManagementBusiness Process Management (BPM) is a best practice of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of any organization by automating the organization’s business processes. In relation to the business process it allows you to bring processes, people and information together. BPM not only involves managing business processes within the enterprise but also involves real-time integration of the processes of the company with those of its suppliers, business partners, and customers.

The Babbage Simmel BPM practice is focused on the creation and delivery of custom curriculum, mentoring, and practical project assistance.