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Explore Oracle Database 12c Training

Oracle Database 12c is the world’s first database designed for the cloud.

Explore the Oracle Database 12c curriculum to gain mastery in
deployment, performance, management & more.

The curriculum will get you up and running with deployment, performance, and management of your Oracle Database 12c solutions.

Oracle Training

  • O12c-200S: Oracle Database 12c: SQL I – Introduction
    • This course introduces the basics of the SQL language and the Oracle Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). One will become acquainted with the differences in the working environment between a traditional on-premise database installation and the Oracle database service cloud-computing platform.
  • O12c-202S: Oracle Database 12c: SQL II – Intermediate
    • This course builds upon the prerequisite introductory volume from the Oracle Database 12c: SQL Expert Series and considers intermediate-level SQL topics such as writing database queries using the SQL-99 syntax and exploiting the power of built-in functions that extend the capabilities of SQL.
  • O12c-203S: Oracle Database 12c: PL/SQL I – Introduction
    • This course introduces one to Oracle database programming using the PL/SQL programming language. One will learn the syntax, structure, and features of the language.
  • O12c-204S: Oracle Database 12c: PL/SQL II – Intermediate: Develop Program Units
    • This course is intended for those who have already learned the basics of the Oracle PL/SQL database programming language and its syntax, and who are now ready to employ the language in the development of database applications.
  • O12c-205S: Oracle Database 12c: PL/SQL III – Advanced Programming & Tuning
    • The PL/SQL programming language is at the core of most Oracle database applications. This course will give attention to three fundamental pillars of effective implementation of PL/SQL applications.
  • O12c-208S: Oracle Database 12c: Administration Workshop
    • The overall objective of this course is threefold. First, this course instructs one in many of the day-to-day administration tasks required of an Oracle database administrator. Second, it is one of the 4 courses that assist in preparation for certification as an Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) database administrator. Finally, it introduces one to many of the administration sub-specialties that one might next pursue.