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New Classrooms, CISSP and PMP

I spent all day last Friday unpacking boxes.  While that doesn’t sound too fun (and believe me it wasn’t), the end result was pretty fantastic.  We are in the process of upgrading our classrooms with brand new Dell Optiplex 790 Desktop machines with, wait for it, DUAL MONITORS!  One of the more frequent requests from students that we hear is the need for dual monitors and we have delivered.  This is especially helpful when using electronic coursebooks in class. Take a look at the pic below to see a glimpse of what the new rooms will look like once fully set up.  The tables won’t be nearly as cluttered, as I was just trying to get everything unpacked.  I did play around on one of the machines before I left and it’s awesome! 23 inch Dell Professional monitors, Intel Core i7, 3.4GHz processors, 16GB of RAM… just for starters…

The new desktops aren’t the only changes on their way.  Starting next week and continuing through to October we will be opening some of our classrooms up to the Ohio State University Medical Center as they train all of their employees on their new clinical application system.  It’s a busy but fun time for us here at babsim!

Before I wrap up this week I wanted to take a second to let everyone know that we still have a couple seats left in our Project Management PMP Prep class starting on 8/15 as well as our CISSP Certification class that same week.  Sign up now to reserve your spots!