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Learn the C# Programming Language


C#, the most widely used language for .NET from Microsoft experts, is a simple, modern, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft within its .NET framework.

The .Net framework is a revolutionary platform that helps you to write the following types of applications:
• Windows applications
• Web applications
• Web services

.Net framework applications are multi-platform applications. The framework has been designed in such a way that it can be used from any of the following languages: C#, C++, Visual Basic, Jscript, COBOL, etc. All these languages can access the framework as well as communicate with each other.

The upcoming Programming in C# course starting on July 18th teaches developers the programming skills that are required for developers to create Windows applications using the C# language. During the course, students review the basics of C# program structure, language syntax, and implementation details, and then consolidate their knowledge throughout the week as they build an application that incorporates several features of the .NET Framework 4.5.

The course introduces many of the techniques and technologies employed by modern desktop and enterprise applications, including:

• Building new data types.
• Handling events.
• Programming the user interface.
• Accessing a database.
• Using remote data.
• Performing operations asynchronously.
• Integrating with unmanaged code.
• Creating custom attributes.
• Encrypting and decrypting data.

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