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Is Windows 8 the Next Big Thing???

CNET News has a great article out about the looming Windows 8 release in 2012.

The rumor is that Microsoft Windows 8 may be largely irrelevant to users of traditional PC’s.  Research has shown that since the release of the Windows 8 Developer Preview in September, Microsoft has been battered by criticism from desktop users over the new Metro interface. In addition to those who just don’t like the new look and feel, many have complained that the touch-based UI simply doesn’t work well with a mouse and keyboard.  In fact, Microsoft is actually telling organizations currently running Windows XP to jump to Windows 7 instead of waiting around for Windows 8.

Maybe you believe that Windows 8 will be a flop, or maybe you’re just not ready to move away from Windows 7.  Either way, we here at Babsim have the perfect classes to make you a pro at using every little bit of Windows 7.  Check out our upcoming classes below.

Troubleshooting and Supporting Windows 7 in the Enterprise, M-6293.

1/3/12-1/5/12 and 3/5/12

After completing this course, students will be able to troubleshoot:

  • Startup issues on a computer with Windows 7 installed.
  • Issues related to the application of Group Policy.
  • Issues related to hardware devices and device drivers.
  • Issues related to network connectivity.
  • Remote connectivity issues.
  • User profile and logon script issues.
  • Issues related to security systems such as Encrypting File Systems (EFS), BitLocker, and file permissions.
  • Issues related to operating system features and applications.
    Issues related to performance.

Planning and Managing Windows 7 Desktop Deployments and Environments, M-6294.

1/30/12-2/3/12 and 3/5/12-3/9/12

After completing this Windows 7 training course, students will be able to:
• Plan and perform effective preparation tasks for deploying Windows 7.
• Describe and compare various deployment methods to determine the best deployment method for your scenario.
• Assess and resolve application compatibility issues.
• Assess and evaluate business needs and requirements to design a standard image.
• Configure system, security and Internet Explorer settings to define the client environment.
• Describe the tools and methods to perform automated installation in Windows 7.
• Deploy images using WAIK.
• Deploy images using WDS.
• Deploy images using Lite Touch installation
• Use MDT 2010 to deploy Windows 7 using Zero Touch installation technologies
• Migrate user state using USMT 4.0.
• Create and implement a strategy to deploy applications and updates
• Perform an end-to-end Windows 7 Deployment

Installing and Configuring Windows 7 Client, M-6292.


After completing this course, students will be able to:
•Perform a clean installation of Windows 7, upgrade to Windows 7, and migrate user-related data and settings from an earlier version of Windows.
•Configure disks, partitions, volumes, and device drivers to enable a Windows 7 client computer.
•Configure file access and printers on a Windows 7 client computer.
•Configure network connectivity on a Windows 7 client computer.
•Configure wireless network connectivity on a Windows 7 client computer.
•Secure Windows 7 client desktop computers.
•Optimize and maintain the performance and reliability of a Windows 7 client computer.
•Configure mobile computing and remote access settings for a Windows 7 client computer.

To view the whole CNET article click here.