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1-Day Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence Leadership Seminar

1-Day Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence Leadership Seminar

Join Us Thursday, February 15th | 8am – 5pm | @ Hotel LeVeque

Learn how to leverage Deep Learning & A.I. to solve business-critical problems and create demonstrable value.

Harness innovative technologies that can impact your P&L.

Attending this 1-day seminar will provide you the ability to :

  • Learn what Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning can and cannot do for your organization.
  • Learn how to prepare your team to effectively embrace Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning and drastically reduce the time it takes to define, architect, plan, and develop solutions.
  • Learn to apply design thinking, technical expertise, scientific strategies, and agile methodologies to develop demonstrably valuable Data Science solutions.
  • Network with peers from diverse industries and functions to formulate fresh ideas.
  • Develop a Data Science blueprint/roadmap for your organization.

P&L Leaders that want to harness Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning to gain a competitive advantage and revolutionize their operations. This is a domain-agnostic, non-technical seminar that is ideal for any organization looking to positively disrupt the status quo.

Mentor & Professor
Murthy Kolluru | Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Murthy holds a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon, started his career as a Rocket Scientist, and founded one of the top Data Science programs in the world (International School of Engineering). In addition to being a globally-recognized Data Science academician, he has 2 decades of experience consulting with, training, and conducting research for dozens of Fortune 1000 companies.

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