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Our Story

Formed as a systems integrator in 1983, Babbage Simmel has evolved from a purely Information Technology firm, to a knowledge-based services firm, providing solutions that encompass human capital, technology investment and organizational growth.

Babbage Simmel has a rich history built upon the input and successes of our clients. Our learning solutions and consulting services include the areas of Information Technology, Project Management, Business Analysis, Business Process Management, Performance Management.

Who are Babbage and Simmel?

Babbage and Simmel, contrary to popular belief, are not the founders of our firm. Rather, they are two visionaries, whose groundbreaking concepts and innovations shaped the Information Technology Industry as we know it.

Charles Babbage is the father of the modern computer. This 19th-century English inventor was the first to envision a machine capable of performing multiple calculations. His “Analytical Machine,” a complex mechanical device, was the theoretical forerunner of the modern computer. Though Babbage never completed his “computer,” his principles form the foundation of today’s computer technology.

Sociologist Georg Simmel (1858-1918) is a different story. He was the first to recognize the existence of human communication networks. He felt that the unity of a group hinged on the linkage of people through communication. His work was so important that many consider Simmel the Freud of the study of society.