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Build Azure Data & AI Skills – Azure Data Scientist

Become an Azure Data Scientist

As an Azure Data Scientist, you can apply Azure’s machine learning techniques to train, evaluate, and deploy models that solve business problems. Attend Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure training where you will gain the necessary knowledge about how to use Azure services to develop, train, and deploy, machine learning solutions. The course starts with an overview of Azure services that support data science. From there, it focuses on using Azure’s premier data science service, Azure Machine Learning service, to automate the data science pipeline.


The course assumes that you already have Azure fundamental skills and understand how to navigate the Azure portal and to create services there. If not, go here. It also assumes that you have some familiarity with the Azure data storage technologies but does not require you to know how to implement these data storage technologies at an expert level. If not, go here.

Although some basic data science concepts are presented, it is assumed the student understands data science and machine learning prior to taking this course. If not, go here. The course teaches how to bring your data science work to Azure.

A helpful starting point for individuals just starting in technology or thinking about a career change: Azure Fundamentals.