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Are you ready for SharePoint 2013?

SharePoint 2013 is nearly in full swing so I wanted to take a closer look at all the new features available.  Take a look below at some of the best new features SharePoint 2013 can offer your organization.

Better branding for Your Web Presence. What used to be an arduous process that involved complicated designer assets, style sheets and a confusing packaging process has now been made much easier. Now, any Web designer with proficiency in HTML, CSS and JavaScript can in a short amount of time brand a SharePoint site and create a public-facing or internal site that looks good. This will reduce your internal support expense, as well as make it less costly to use SharePoint itself as a platform for public-facing websites.

Improved public-facing website hosting. Hosting a public website (e.g., your .com site) on SharePoint 2007 was an exercise in frustration. Hosting that same site on SharePoint 2010 was better, but that product wasn’t as full-featured as some competing platforms.

Enhanced business intelligence. Using SharePoint as a platform to expose business intelligence and big data reports had its coming-out party with the 2010, but the capabilities have expanded in the 2013 release to really make SharePoint the choice to dig deeper into business insights and analytics. Integration between SharePoint and Excel is even tighter, too.

Now let’s take a look at some 2013 SharePoint courses!

55033 SharePoint 2013 Site Collection and Site Administration

This five-day instructor-led course is intended for Power Users who are tasked with working within the SharePoint 2013 environment. This course will provide a deeper, narrowly focused training on the important and popular skills needed to be an Administrator for SharePoint Site Collections and Sites. SharePoint deployment or farm administration skills and tasks required for IT Professionals to manage SharePoint 2013 are available in separate, Microsoft Official Courseware.

Advanced Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

This five-day course examines how to plan, configure, and manage a Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 environment. Special areas of focus include implementing high availability, disaster recovery, service application architecture, Business Connectivity Services, social computing features, productivity and collaboration platforms and features, business intelligence solutions, enterprise content management, web content management infrastructure, solutions, and apps. The course also examines how to optimize the Search experience, how to develop and implement a governance plan, and how to perform an upgrade or migration to SharePoint Server 2013.

20331 Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to configure and manage a Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 environment. This course will teach you how to configure SharePoint Server 2013, as well as provide guidelines, best practices, and considerations that will help you optimize your SharePoint server deployment.

If you’re not ready for SharePoint 2013 yet, we still have a large selection of SharePoint 2010 classes at your disposal!