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Learn the Angular Framework

Our Angular training introduces the Angular framework, which has become a popular JavaScript framework for the development of “single page” Rich Internet Applications. The Angular framework augments applications with the “model-view-controller” pattern which makes applications easier to develop and test because there is a separation of responsibilities within the code.

When first released, the next generation of the ‘AngularJS’ framework was called ‘Angular 2’. Since new releases will make this term outdated, the current terminology for the framework is simply ‘Angular’. We will update our Angular training to incorporate any major revisions to the Angular framework.

Our training courses will provide an introduction to the benefits of the platform, so course participants can start to develop responsive applications quickly.


Angular 5 – Introductory and advanced topics are covered in these courses.

Angular 4 – Introductory and advanced topics are covered in these courses.

Angular 2 – This is the version that preceded Angular 4.

AngularJS – This covers the Angular 1.x classes.


AngularJS is a framework to build the browser side front end portion of a web application. AngularJS excels at many things. But, these three stand out the most

  1. By employing two-way data binding, it lets us manipulate DOM with much less code than jQuery.
  2. Through the use of HTML templates, it lets us dynamically add complex DOM element structure, which will be very difficult to do using plain DOM API or jQuery.
  3. It lets us write Single Page Applications (SPA).

In summary, if you are writing an SPA style application or need to do many complex DOM manipulations, AngularJS will be a framework of choice.