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Answers to Common Cisco Questions

This week is the final segment in this month’s Q&A series, and we’ve saved the best for last.  Take a closer look at Cisco, and our abundance of Guaranteed to Run Cisco Certification offerings.  A big thanks to Rob Williams and Jamie Raines from Sunset Learning for helping us out with the questions this week.

What are the most popular Cisco courses on the market now, and why?

  • CCNAX – foundational Cisco Training.   All other classes build on the knowledge gained through attending either the ICND 1&2 or CCNAX
  • ACUCM+AUC – This class has always been popular as it is the only class available for day-2 administration after implementation of Unified Communications Manager and Unity Connection. It is not a certification based course, but job specific training.
  • IP6FD – We saw a huge demand for this class during the federal mandate that all agencies were IPv6 ready.  Not that the IPv4 addresses have officially run out, the rest of the nation is having to convert to IPv6 address and need training. 
  • ICOMM – This course is popular as it covers many unified communications product families.  This course is associated with the CCNA Voice certification and is the prerequisite to all other unified communications courses. 


Of those popular courses mentioned above, are the lead trainers in the field specialized for each course?

We have seen great success from having our instructors specialize in specific technology areas, allowing them to have extensive knowledge in their particular subject matter.  They actively participate with Cisco in development projects and are truly seen as experts in their field.  

What is the advantage of taking a classroom led Cisco course as opposed to self-study?

Instructor Led Training is much more of an ideal learning situation because of the interaction.  With Instructor Led Training, many of our instructors have years of first-hand real-world knowledge and experience that they bring to every class that they teach.   It is also very valuable to attend class vs. self-study because of the student communication.  Students often ask questions or bring their experiences into the classroom that cannot be found in off-the-shelf courses and independent study. 

Sunset Student Testimonial

“We had several questions from many participants which were outside of the scope of the class. The instructor was able to quickly and effectively direct us to the answers. Many of the questions asked are not covered in any courses offered by Sunset. It was nice to be able to ask about our real-world deployments, and how we can more effectively utilize them.” Matt – Sunset Learning Student

Thanks guys!  Now for our upcoming Guaranteed to Run authorized Cisco classes over the next few weeks, listed below.  Please reserve a seat ASAP if you’re interested, I can’t stress this enough.  These classes fill up very quick.

CCNAX v1.1-Interconnecting Cisco networking Devices Accelerated v1.1: 9/19/11

CIPT1 8.0-Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager Part 1 v8.0: 9/19/11

FIREWALL-Deploying Cisco ASA Firewall Solutions v1.0: 9/26/11

IP6FD-Fundamentals, Design, and Deployment v3.0: 10/3/11

IPS 7.0– Implementing Cisco Intrusion Prevention System v7.0: 10/3/11

IINS 1.0-Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security: 10/10/11