APM Practice

Application Performance Management


Babbage Simmel’s strategic partnership with InsightETE brings our clients leading edge IT Performance Management tools, consulting and training.

InsightETE is a provider of breakthrough IT Performance Management tools that measure actual end-user experience as transactions that flow across diverse IT systems, and then record true end-user IT performance to verify SLA compliance. InsightETE’s open architecture approach maximizes flexibility by integrating into existing frameworks such as Service Now which allows InsightETE’s Service Level Management System (SLMS) to gather all the data needed to, …measure performance, …analyze problems, …track application availability, …all from the customer perspective.

InsightETE’s Universal Information Center features a modular Dashboard which can import data from any performance-related data source. The result is a versatile system that can be configured in a multitude of ways to ensure:

  • Only the data which a user needs to see is present on their Dashboard.
  • Every user has the ability to visualize their data in a single interface regardless of the tool of origin.
  • In many cases, the external data can be manipulated and subjected to the same statistical analysis as InsightETE native data.

Babbage Simmel’s portfolio of APM related training includes courses related to Application Monitoring, Application Development Best Practices, and Root Cause Analysis which are geared toward optimizing end use applications performance through the real time utilization of best practices aligned with the philosophy of Predictive Application Performance Analytics used for optimizing APM (Applications Performance Management) for DevOps.

The classes feature lecture and group discussions, as well as extensive hands-on practice, delivered in a wide variety of labs, tech talks and an interactive discussion of a comprehensive, real-world example.

For more information about this and other upcoming training and development opportunities, give us a call at 614-481-6555 or e-mail info@babsim.com .