Writing Effective Business Cases

Learn the steps to effective business case development and support your strategic business recommendations with sound budgeting and financial back-up. The one course you need to make high-impact recommendations and receive full management support for your ideas.

Course Outline

Section 1: Introduction

  • Purpose of a business case

  • Who is involved

  • What to look out for

  • Define the business case elements

Section 2: Building the business case for new ideas

  • Overcoming financial, managerial and organizational barriers to new concepts and strategies

  • Using the Business Case approach to compel others to support your vision for success

  • Financial and strategic measurement tools

Section 3: Five key steps when planning and presenting a business case

  • Step 1: Problem/ Opportunity Identification

  • Step 2: Analysis of Success Drivers/Impediments

  • Step 3: Presenting Strategic & Tactical Alternatives

  • Step 4: Comprehensive Evaluation & Recommendations

  • Step 5: Implementation & Action Planning

Section 4: Analyzing your Business case

  • Financial analysis

  • Risk analysis

  • Feasibility analysis

Section 5: Presenting the business case to your organization

  • Communicating with your audience

  • Identifying critical decision criteria and objectives

  • How to package and present your case for maximum impact

  • Anticipating and responding to challenges

Section 6: Additional resources

  • Other useful books and links on business cases


This skills-intensive workshop is ideal for experienced managers, directors and corporate officers who regularly develop and present budgets, business plans and recommendations.

No prerequisites - This course suitable for both novices and experienced people who need to develop and justify the business case.