Time Management Enhancing Personal Productivity and Improving Customer Satisfaction

This workshop is designed to help business professionals find ways to manage the demands of customers and stakeholders so that those customers and stakeholders can be better served.  It’s also designed to help business professionals improve their productivity and help them balance the many demands on their time and create a saner working life.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to the workshop
-In this module, we will detail the course objectives and schedule and identify participant interests and concerns

Module 2: The challenges of the modern workplace and the causes of the demands on our time
-In this module, we’ll utilize a proven model to identify the ways the modern workplace has evolved and how it will likely continue to change.  We’ll examine the ways in which that modern economy affects our ability to balance demands and describe tools for remaining effective in today’s economy.

Module 3: Clarifying customer and stakeholder demands and building effective conversations with them
-In this module, we’ll examine the difference between positions and interests in order to change the conversations we have with our customers and stakeholders.  We’ll identify ways to build rational dialogues with them so that we can quickly and effectively separate their real needs from the noise that usually accompanies customer demands.  We’ll also identify ways to manage conflict and increase participant comfort with conflict.

Module 4: Selected project management tools for managing our time and priorities
-In this module, we’ll examine several techniques derived from project management (including the triple-constraint model) that can help us manage time and shape customer and stakeholder demands into actionable plans.  We’ll focus on methods for building a plan of action and managing the scope of that plan so that it can fit within our available time and resources.

Module 5: The critical skill sets for surviving and thriving in today’s workplace
-In this module, we’ll examine two skill sets that are necessary for effective performance in today’s workplace.  We’ll examine techniques for recovering rapidly from the adversity we all face, which is a skill set that distinguishes those who can react and respond from those who get bogged down in adversity and problems.  We’ll also examine the need for continual adaptation and tolerance with ambiguity in today’s workplace.

Module 6: Workshop wrap-up
-In this module, we’ll make concluding comments, answer remaining questions, and evaluate the workshop.


This workshop is targeted to professionals and managers who are required to find ways to meet customer and stakeholder demands that exceed the time they have available.  It is designed to be an intense experience with clear impact on the skills and performance of the participant.