SSBI/Power BI Planning Workshop

Self-Service Business Intelligence is quickly gaining in popularity in all industries. The pressure to incorporate new interactive reporting and dashboarding is growing. The problem is in understanding how to add Self-Service Business Intelligence into your existing reporting solutions in the most effective manner. In this course, you will learn what it takes to plan a managed Self-Service Business Intelligence solution, how to write governance policies to support it, and how to properly plan for maintenance, security, and update needs.


Course Outline

Lesson 1: Understanding Self Service BI

  • What is Self-Service BI

  • Choosing a Self-Service BI Solution

Lesson 2: Planning and Governance for SSBI

  • Beginning the Planning Process

  • Comparing SSBI Solutions

  • SSBI Governance Plan

Lesson 3: Implementing a SSBI Solution

  • Technology Infrastructure

  • Building a Data Model Repository

  • Implementing Best Practices

Lesson 4: Planning for Security, Updates, and Maintenance

  • Power BI Security

  • Data Refresh & Update Schedules

  • Monitoring & Maintaining SDBI Implementations


The audience for this course includes decision makers, project planners, IT staff members, and BI specialists that will be involved in the planning of a Self-Service Business Intelligence solution.


Some knowledge of business intelligence concepts, project planning, and governance policies.