SharePoint Governance - Planning and Oversight

This class should be taken before you roll out SharePoint, but probably will be taken after you have already done it the wrong way. Governance is a broad topic potentially touching every aspect of the organization.

This 2-day instructor-led class will focus on governance of content stored and used within SharePoint. We will cover the What, Who and How of governance with an end goal of getting you a good start on your governance team and plan.

What you will take away from this class:

  • What is governance

  • What should be governed

  • Who should govern, and how they should be selected

  • How to define core SharePoint services and manage their release

  • A list of critical policies that should be created, and enforced

  • What needs to be audited and how to do audits

  • What needs to be considered in your plan for legal reasons, business reasons and best practices reasons

The course covers:

  • All versions of SharePoint (2007 - 2013) on premises and in the Cloud

  • and in general, corporate and organization intellectual property governance


  • This class includes four team oriented problem solving labs to explore real world governance problems and to create a governance plan.

Course Outline

Module: Introduction

  • What is SharePoint?

  • What areas of the business are impacted by a SharePoint installation

  • The SharePoint cultural change

  • What is at risk?

  • What is governance?

  • Governance is not just about SharePoint

  • Who is in charge?

  • What you will get with no plan, and no enforcement

  • SharePoint Terminology

Module: Governance, the team and the plan

  • Who creates the Plan, who enforces the Plan?

  • The Governance Team

  • Selecting the team

  • Sponsorship and buy-in

  • The Governance Plan

  • Audits?

  • Lifecycle of SharePoint

  • Lifecycle of the plan and the team

  • Resources available

Module: Project Management

  • Project Management and Governance

  • ITIL?

  • Resources available

Module: SharePoint Service Model

  • SharePoint Roles - the people

  • Deploying and supporting SharePoint in Tiers

  • Four nine's? 24 x 7? Local/International?

  • Content Management

  • Team Collaboration

  • My Sites

  • Social Networking

  • Microsoft Office Integration

  • SharePoint as a development platform

  • Resources available

Module: Security

  • What's at risk?

  • The SharePoint security model

  • Security at the server

Module: Configuration, Customization and Custom Development

  • The three C's: Configuration, Customization and Custom Development

  • Which should you permit?

  • At what cost?

  • And what can go wrong...

  • Development, Staging and Production - testing and migration

  • Change control

  • SharePoint Designer Policies and Best Practices

  • Development standards and procedures

  • Resources available

Module: Taxonomy

  • Taxonomy, a definition

  • Types of taxonomies

  • Who should create and own the corporate taxonomies?

  • Tools to support taxonomies

  • Resources available

Module: Planning the Information Architecture

  • Applications, Site Collections or Sites

  • Planned or open (the wild, wild, West!)

  • Resources available

Module: Farm Administration

  • Resource planning

  • Scalability

  • Disaster planning and disaster recovery

  • Resources available

Module: SharePoint Administration

  • Procedures and tools for new sites

  • Procedures and tools for monitoring SharePoint

  • Backup requirements

  • Resources available

Module: Training and Support

  • End user training and support

  • Extended training needed for SharePoint

  • Office and SharePoint integration

  • Resources available

Module: Content Management

  • Content life spans

  • Approval processes

  • Content Types and metadata

  • Resources available

Module: The Internet

  • SharePoint and the internet

Module: Everything else you need to consider

  • Driving adoption

  • Where do you go from here...

  • Resources available


This course designed for anyone responsible for or supporting a new SharePoint rollout, or an existing out of control SharePoint installation.

Attendees should be potential members of a governance team and include leaders from corporate management, IT management, IT administration, development and training.

We highly recommend that you train your governance team as a single group. We also offer this class in a three day format as a private class to allow time for the team to create their first draft of their plan.


Before attending this course, students must have:

  • A good understanding of the "big picture" of SharePoint

  • Basic training or experience with SharePoint end-user and site owner skills

  • A good understanding of the "how" and "why" of SharePoint in your organization