Sales Cloud Training for Sales Managers

Sales Cloud Training for Sales Managers helps sales managers analyze and improve sales processes from lead assignment to deal closure. In this interactive course, discuss best practices and gain hands-on experience running sales reports, forecasting with real time data, tracking quota attainment, and using productivity tools to successfully manage sales teams.

Course Outline

Lead and Opportunity Management

  • Understanding the lead lifecycle

  • Viewing and assigning leads

  • Qualifying and converting leads

  • Managing opportunities through the sales process


  • Getting started with standard sales reports

  • Customizing reports to refine your data

  • Visualizing your data with charts and dashboards


  • Understanding the capabilities of Collaborative Forecasts

  • Choosing forecast types

  • Adjusting the forecast

  • Adding quota data

Getting the Most Out of Salesforce

  • Dashboard best practices

  • Managing to-dos with Activities

  • Working as a team in Chatter

  • Managing on the go with Salesforce1


This course is designed for professionals who manage sales teams. No prior knowledge of Salesforce is needed. However, it is recommended that all students take the online eLearning course Getting Started: Using the Sales Cloud that is available through Salesforce Help and Training.