Project Management Jump Start

This course is for those managers who are faced with critical, high-risk projects and who face the need for a rapid introduction to the concepts of modern project management.  It’s for those who have worried about meeting a deadline for a project or getting the support of outside organizations.  It’s for those who want to meet the expectations of their managers or customers.  It’s for those who didn’t get the results they wanted or who are concerned about new demands and challenges in a very competitive, high-stress business environment.
That new economy that we hear so much about is the driving force behind this workshop.  Today’s managers will be required to compete in world markets that will demand much of them.  They will be forced to make their way in an economic environment much tougher than those of just a few years ago.  In this environment, organizations will have to hustle and scrape in an economy that will show them little mercy,

Project management is one of the best tools we can give managers for surviving and thriving in this environment.  Though project management is not a magic bullet for success, I would not want to attempt to survive in the new economy or compete for business without that bullet in my gun.  Solid project management skills won’t guarantee that managers will accomplish great and wonderful things, but having those skills will increase the probability that they will.

The skills that are embedded in modern project management are survival skills for the future that can be applied in virtually any endeavor that we might undertake.   If those skills can be mastered, success will be more likely.

The objectives of this workshop are to:

  • Increase the capability of managers to successfully manage their projects
  • Create recognition of the importance of good project management
  • Reduce the risk of project failure
  • Improve the business outcomes of projects
  • Provide training that is consistent with best practices and the PMBOK® Guide, Fourth Edition
  • Increase comfort with project conflict
  • Emphasize the role of planning in order to manage customer, manager, and project team expectations
  • Focus on four critical areas of project management: project initiation, project scope definition and management, project risk management, and project communications
  • Enjoy ourselves

This course is intended for those managers faced with critical projects, project team members, senior managers, or project stakeholders who need to understand the processes of project management.

Throughout the workshop, we’ll engage in exercises designed to reinforce the concepts we’ve presented and help participants build project plans for their key projects.

Course Outline

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to the workshop and the challenges of project management

  • Description of the workshop, identification of participant expectations, the reasons projects fail, the role of project management in a competitive economy

Module 2: Project initiation: starting out right

  • The necessary dialogues required to get a project started correctly, the role of the project charter, the business purpose of the project, assumptions, constraints, and managing stakeholder expectations

Module 3: Project scope: ensuring agreement about what the project will produce

  • Identification of product and project scope, the work breakdown structure, and managing scope changes

Module 4: Overview of project scheduling and budgeting

  • A quick overview of the challenges and methods for creating a realistic project schedule and a budget

Module 5: Managing project risk

  • Risk identification and tracking, creating risk response plans, methods for reducing the critical risks of your projects

Module 6: Project communications

  • Methods for ensuring that project communications are clear and adequate, dealing with conflict and engaging stakeholders in our projects

Module 7: Workshop wrap-up

  • Remaining questions, review of expectations, and evaluation of the workshop


This workshop is targeted to project managers or those who may become project managers.  An understanding of organizations and processes is recommended.  It is designed to be an intense experience with clear impact on the skills and performance of the participant.