Mobile Messages

Comprehensive and hands-on, Mobile Messages 101 is the core training that ensures your success with Marketing Cloud MobileConnect and MobilePush products. It’s a must for new users and administrators. We recommend users take this course before sending their first SMS or Push message out of the Marketing Cloud.

Course Outline

Marketing Cloud and MobileConnect application tour Text Response Template

  • Overview

  • Create a Text Response message

Email Opt-In Template

  • Overview

  • Create an Email Opt-In message

Outbound Template

  • High level overview of Contact Builder

  • Create an attribute

  • Create a filtered list

  • Overview of Outbound Template

  • Create an Outbound Message

Automation Studio and Mobile

  • High level overview of Automation Studio

  • C reate an Automation to send the above Outbound message

Info Capture Template

  • Overview

  • Create an Info Capture message

Send Email Template

  • Overview

  • Create a Send Email message

MMS Template

  • Overview

  • Create a Media Share message

Automation via Journey Builder

  • Overview

  • Create a message for to be used with Journey Builder


  • Overview of Reporting


Mobile Messages is designed for individuals in the following roles:

  • New administrators responsible for the setup, configuration, and maintenance of their organization’s Marketing Cloud applications

  • New content editors/publishers who will be helping to build SMS or Push messages and/or hitting that send button

  • New channel managers who will be responsible for the mobile channel within your organization.