Mobile and Desktop Exploration In Wave Analytics

Ready to see where your data takes you in Salesforce Wave Analytics?
This course teaches you how to explore your data through lenses and
interactive dashboards from your desktop or mobile device, and how to share
your insights in Chatter or email. Learn how to quickly change measures,
groups, and filters; select the best visualizations for your data; and drill down to see details. You’ll also learn how to easily load additional data from a CSV file,
which you can start exploring right away using the power of Wave Analytics.

Course Outline

Exploring from Your Desktop

  • What is Wave Analytics?

  • Navigating the Wave Analytics Home Page

  • Exploring a Dataset: The Fundamentals

  • Exploring a Dataset: Going Deeper

  • Exporting Data from a Lens and Sharing a Lens

  • Exploring a Dashboard

Uploading and Exploring Your Own Data

  • Overview of Loading Data

  • Preparing Your Data

  • Adding Your Data and Defining the Metadata

  • Verifying That Your Data Loaded Correctly

  • Exploring Your Data

  • Exploring a Dashboard

Exploring from Your Mobile Device

  • Installing the Salesforce Wave Analytics App and Logging
    in to an Account

  • Navigating the App

  • Exploring a Dataset

  • Adding Data with the Wave Mobile Connector


This course is aimed at business users who want to become proficient
at exploring their Salesforce data and external data through lenses and
dashboards in Wave Analytics. Users connecting data or building dashboards,
who are new to Wave Analytics, should also take this course to understand how
their business users will be exploring the data they make available to them.