Microsoft Word 2013 Level 2

In Word 2013 Level 2 students will learn some of the more advanced features included in this powerful word processing software. Topics covered include working with styles and outlines, designing and formatting tables, creating diagrams and shapes, completing advanced document formatting and using the collaborative features in Word.

Upon Successful completion of the class, students will be able to:

  • Use the Reveal Formatting task pane

  • Apply, create and modify paragraph and character styles

  • Create, organize and format a document outline

  • Format tables including changing borders and applying shading

  • Sort data in a tables, split a table and repeat a header row on multiple pages

  • Enter a formula in a table

  • Use SmartArt to create and modify a diagram

  • Insert shapes in a document

  • Format text graphically using WordArt

  • Use section breaks

  • Insert headers, footers and page numbering

  • Insert and format columns

  • Apply background colors, fill effects, watermarks and themes

  • Share documents and track changes

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Styles and Outlines

  • Examine and compare text formatting using the Reveal Formatting task pane

  • Apply styles

  • Create a style from an existing example

  • Manage, override and delete styles

  • Create a character style

  • Copy and export styles

  • Use styles to create an outline

  • Organize outlines and use the Navigation pane

Lesson 2: Table Formatting

  • Review table design options

  • Change table borders

  • Apply shading to tables and cells

  • Apply use and modify table styles

  • Sort data in a table

  • Repeat a header row across multiple pages

  • Enter a formula in a table

Lesson 3: Illustrations

  • Create diagrams

  • Work with SmartArt graphics

  • Add text to a SmartArt graphic

  • Create and format an Organizational chart

  • Create, arrange and modify shapes

  • Use text-wrap options

  • Format text graphically

  • Use WordArt

  • Use drop caps

  • Insert, format and link text boxes

Lesson 4: Advanced Document Formatting

  • Create and format sections of text by using section breaks

  • Insert and delete section breaks

  • Insert headers and footers

  • Insert, format and delete page numbers; Work with columns

  • Create a heading that spans columns

  • Customize a document’s appearance by applying background colors, fill effects, watermarks and themes

Lesson 5: Document Sharing

  • Use the Restrict Editing pane to protect a document with a password

  • View and edit document properties

  • Use track changes

  • Review and accept revisions

  • View changes by different reviewers

  • Merge revisions into a new document

  • Use the Document Inspector

  • Use the Accessibility Checker

Lesson 6: Mail Merge

  • Use the Mailings tab to create a form letter

  • Create a recipient list, sort records, and filter records

  • Create mailing-label and envelope documents by using a recipient list


This course is designed for users who are already proficient in the basics of Microsoft Word and need to learn more advanced features.

Students should be able to use Microsoft Word to create, edit, format, save, and print basic business documents containing text, tables, and graphics. Word Level 1 is the recommended prerequisite for this class.