Managing Vendors, Partners, and Alliances

This workshop is designed to provide managers with an understanding of new business options and strategies that can build business value and tools and best practices for managing those important relationships.

Course Outline

Day #1

1)Introduction to the new business models
               •Open innovation
               •Alliance management
               •Identification of participant goals for the workshop

2)Introduction to Vendor and Alliance Partner Challenges
               •Information asymmetry
               •Contract challenges
               •Purchaser and vendor motivations
               •Cultural issues
               •Identification of challenges

3)Contract Basics and the Development of Frameworks for Relationships
               •The elements of contracts
               •Contract interpretation

4)The Creation of Partner Relationships and Project Management
               •The procurement cycle
               •The partnering cycle
               •Contract planning
               •Procurement tools and techniques
               •Screening and evaluation criteria
               •Analysis of the partner business case

5)Vendor and Partner Negotiations
               •Contract type versus contract risk
               •Incentive systems
               •Negotiating strategies
               •Ensuring the contract meets the business need
               •Exercise in contract selection

6)Contracting and Partnering Risk Management
               •Risk identification
               •Risk response planning

Day #2

7)Context versus Content Management for Vendor and Partner Management
               •Knowledge domains for project management
               •Focus on relationship management
               •“How” versus “what” in decision making
               •Decision making as a learning exercise
               •Tolerance for ambiguity
               •Management through accountability for outcomes

8)Ensuring That the Vendor or Partner Meets Performance and Quality Standards
               •Service-level agreements
               •Performance management
               •Benchmarking performance
               •Exercise in establishing a vendor performance management system

9)Managing Vendor and Partner Conflicts
               •The objectives of conflict management
               •Successful and unsuccessful conflict management strategies
               •Understanding interests and strategies

10)Creating Effective Relationships with Vendors and Partners
               •Ethical constraints and concerns
               •The role of the contract liaison
               •Best practices in creating working relationships

11)Workshop Wrap-up


•Business Analysts
•Program and unit managers
•Contract and Vendor Administrators
•Project Team Members
•Team Leaders/ Supervisors
•Project Managers