Just Enough Scala

Cloudera University’s one-day Scala training course will teach you the key language concepts and programming techniques you need so that you can concentrate on the subjects covered in Cloudera’s developer courses without also having to learn a complex programming language at the same time

Course Outline


Scala Basics

  • Scala Background Information

  • Key Scala Concepts

  • Programming in Scala


  • Scala Variables

  • Numerical

  • Boolean

  • String


  • Tuples

  • The Collections Hierarchy

  • Sets

  • Lists

  • Arrays

  • Maps

  • Common Conversions

Flow Control

  • Looping

  • Iterators

  • Functions

  • Passing Functions

  • Collection Iteration Methods

  • Pattern Matching


  • Classes and Objects

  • Packages

  • Import




Prior knowledge of Hadoop is not required. Since this course is intended for developers who do not yet have the prerequisite skills writing code in Scala, basic programming experience in at least one commonly-used programming language (ideally Java, but Python, Ruby, Perl, C, C++, PHP, or Javascript will suffice) is assumed. NOTE: This course does not teach Big Data concepts, nor does it cover how to use Cloudera software. Instead, it is meant as a precursor for one of our developer-focused training courses that provide those skills.