Junos Bootcamp (IJOS/JRE) (JNCIA)

The JNCIA-Junos Certification Bootcamp is a 2-day event that provides the foundational and practical knowledge required to begin configure Juniper routing products running Junos Software. This course will also help prepare networking professionals for the JNCIA-Junos Certification.

Course Outline

Day 1

Chapter 1: Course Introduction

Chapter 2: Junos Operating System Fundamentals

  • The Junos OS

  • Traffic Processing

  • Platforms Running the Junos OS

Chapter 3: User Interface Options

  • User Interface Options

  • The Junos CLI: CLI Basics

  • The Junos CLI: Operational Mode

  • The Junos CLI: Configuration Mode

Chapter 4: Initial Configuration

  • Factory-Default Configuration

  • Initial Configuration

  • Interface Configuration

Chapter 5: Secondary System Configuration

  • User Configuration and Authentication

  • System Logging and Tracing

  • Network Time Protocol

  • Archiving Configurations

  • SNMP

Chapter 6: Operational Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Monitoring Platform and Interface Operation

  • Network Utilities

  • Maintaining the Junos OS

  • Password Recovery

Appendix A: Interface Configuration Examples

  • Review of the Interface Configuration Hierarchy

  • Interface Configuration Examples

  • Using Configuration Groups

Appendix B: The J-Web Interface

  • The J-Web GUI

  • Configuration

Day 2

Chapter 2: Routing Fundamentals

  • Routing Concepts: Overview of Routing

  • Routing Concepts: The Routing Table

  • Routing Concepts: Routing Instances

  • Static Routing

  • Dynamic Routing

Chapter 3: Routing Policy

  • Routing Policy Overview

  • Case Study: Routing Policy

  • Lab 2: Routing Policy

Chapter 4: Firewall Filters

  • Firewall Filters Overview

  • Case Study: Firewall Filters

  • Unicast Reverse-Path-Forwarding Checks

Appendix A: Class of Service

  • CoS Overview

  • Traffic Classification

  • Traffic Queuing

  • Traffic Scheduling

  • Case Study: CoS


Pre-sales, technical engineers and partners looking to learn more about the Junos operating system.