Get Started with Communities

Online communities provide a place where employees, customers, and partners can engage and collaborate. Learn how to enable communities in your organization, create communities for partner and customers, add members to these communities, and gauge participation.

When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Enable communities in your organization.

  • Describe the capabilities of communities and how they work.

  • Create a new community for partner sales.

  • Create a community for self-service support.

  • Measure a community’s success using dashboards.

  • Keep the community active and engaged with native tools.

Course Outline

What are Communities and How Do They Work?

  • Communities and Scenario Overview

  • Community Managers

Enabling Communities in your Organization

  • Community Implementation Process

  • Understanding Licenses

Creating a Community for Partner Sales

  • Partner Sales Community Objectives and Considerations

  • Review Setting Up a Salesforce + Visual Tabs Partner Community

Creating a Community for Customer Self-Service Support

  • Learn and Review Community Builder in Detail

  • Build a Community Using the Customer Service (Napili) Template

Measuring Success with the Community Page

  • Learn and Review Community Workspaces

  • Learn and Review Community Dashboards

Keeping the Community Active and Engaged

  • Learn How to Set Up Reputation

  • Learn How to Set Up Knowledgeable People


Get Started with Communities is designed for experienced administrators who are responsible for setting up, configuring, and managing Salesforce communities in their organization. As a Salesforce administrator, you should have a solid understanding of Salesforce functionality and concepts, and at least six months’ experience using Salesforce.