Foundations of Project Management

This course provides an introduction to Project Management and the core concepts and best practices used in this discipline.  During the course, project management “best practices” will be introduced, and put into context through various exercises, scenarios and case studies.  The course is designed as a practical workshop, and learning by doing is a key component.  As such, class participants will be asked to work on sample “projects” and be assigned deliverables to produce within a specified time frame.  After each exercise, a review will be conducted offering comments and suggestions for improvement.

Course Outline


  • Session Overview

  • What is a Project?

  • Exercise – Project Success vs. Project Disappointments

  • Related Definitions

  • Where do projects come from?

  • Portfolio Management

  • Goals of Project Management

  • Exercise – Problems that could be solved using a Project Management approach

The Project Management Framework

  • Role of the Project Manager

  • The Triple Constraint

  • How Do You Define Success?

  • What is Quality?

  • Product vs. Process Quality

  • Quality Planning

  • Sample Project  - Case Study

Project Planning

  • Project Scope Statement

  • Exercise – Plan the scope for the team project

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

  • Product-oriented WBS

  • Process-oriented WBS

  • Steps for decomposing a project

  • Exercise – Create a WBS for the assigned section(s) of the Course Case Study

  • Developing the Schedule

  • Activity Lists

  • Exercise – Develop the Activity List

  • Project Schedule Network Diagram

  • Gantt Charts

  • Exercise – Schedule Development

Project Risk Management

  • Project Risk

  • Risk Management – A Structured Approach

  • Risk Identification

  • Assessing Risk

  • Exercise – Risk Scenario

  • Risk Response Planning

Project Communication Management

  • Communications Planning

  • Communications Planning Table

  • Exercise – Communications Planning

Project Closure

  • Lessons Learned

  • Course Summary

  • Course Review


Project Team Members, Project Leaders, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Line of Business Coordinators, Business Analysts and anyone who is responsible for the delivery of projects in a cross-functional environment is a candidate for this program.