F5 Networks Configuring BIG-IP APM: Access Policy Manager v13

This course covers three typical deployment scenarios for BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM) and is broken into three individual lessons. In lesson one, you learn how to configure BIG-IP APM to provide Active Directory-based authentication for a load-balanced pool of web servers. Building on that, in lesson two, you learn how to create a policy that provides an SSL VPN (Network Access) resource to users, but only when they log into BIG-IP APM using a corporate-issued PC. Finally, lesson three builds on the first two lessons to create a policy that provides a dynamic landing page with both SSL VPN as well as an OWA (Portal Access) resource, but only to users with special authorization.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Setting Up the BIG-IP System

  • Introducing the BIG-IP System

  • Initially Setting Up the BIG-IP System

  • Archiving the BIG-IP Configuration

  • Leveraging F5 Support Resources and Tools

Lesson 2: Configuring Web Application Access

  • Review of BIG-IP LTM

  • Introduction to the Access Policy

  • Web Access Application Configuration Overview

  • Web Application Access Configuration in Detail

Lesson 3: Exploring the Access Policy

  • Navigating the Access Policy

Lesson 4: Managing BIG-IP APM

  • BIG-IP APM Sessions and Access Licenses

  • Session Variables and sessiondump

  • Session Cookies

  • Access Policy General Purpose Agents List

Lesson 5: Using Authentication

  • Introduction to Access Policy Authentication

  • Active Directory AAA Server


  • One-Time Password

  • Local User Database

Lesson 6: Understanding Assignment Agents

  • List of Assignment Agents

Lesson 7: Configuring Portal Access

  • Introduction to Portal Access

  • Portal Access Configuration Overview

  • Portal Access Configuration

  • Portal Access in Action

Lesson 8: Configuring Network Access

  • Concurrent User Licensing

  • VPN Concepts

  • Network Access Configuration Overview

  • Network Access Configuration

  • Network Access in Action

Lesson 9: Deploying Macros

  • Access Policy Macros

  • Configuring Macros

  • An Access Policy is a Flowchart

  • Access Policy Logon Agents

  • Configuring Logon Agents

Lesson 10: Exploring Client-Side Checks

  • Client-Side Endpoint Security

Lesson 11: Exploring Server-Side Checks

  • Server-Side Endpoint Security Agents List

  • Server-Side and Client-Side Checks Differences

Lesson 12: Using Authorization

  • Active Directory Query

  • Active Directory Nested Groups

  • Configuration in Detail

Lesson 13: Configuring AppTunnels

  • Application Access

  • Remote Desktop

  • Network Access Optimized Tunnels

  • Landing Page Bookmarks

Lesson 14: Deploying Access Control Lists

  • Introduction to Access Control Lists

  • Configuration Overview

  • Dynamic ACLs

  • Portal Access ACLs

Lesson 15: Signing On with SSO

  • Remote Desktop Single Sign-On

  • Portal Access Single Sign-On

Lesson 16: Using iRules

  • iRules Introduction

  • Basic TCL Syntax

  • iRules and Advanced Access Policy Rules

Lesson 17: Customizing BIG-IP APM

  • Customization Overview

  • BIG-IP Edge Client

  • Advanced Edit Mode Customization

  • Landing Page Sections

Lesson 18: Deploying SAML

  • SAML Conceptual Overview

  • SAML Configuration Overview

Lesson 19: Exploring Webtops and Wizards

  • Webtops

  • Wizards

Lesson 20: Using BIG-IP Edge Client

  • BIG-IP Edge Client for Windows Installation

  • BIG-IP Edge Client in Action

Lesson 21: Configuration Project

Lesson 22: Additional Training and Certification

  • Getting Started Series Web-Based Training

  • F5 Instructor Led Training Curriculum

  • F5 Professional Certification Program

  • F5 Instructor Led Training Curriculum

  • F5 Professional Certification Program


This course is intended for network administrators, operators, and engineers responsible for managing the normal day-to-day operation and administration of BIG-IP Access Policy Manager.


Administering BIG-IP; basic familiarity with authentication mechanisms (e.g. LDAP, Active Directory) and webserver technologies (e.g. HTTP, HTML).

Available Course Dates

12/18/2017 10:00 am - 12/20/2017 6:00 pmGuaranteed to Run
02/05/2018 10:00 am - 02/07/2018 6:00 pm
03/19/2018 10:00 am - 03/21/2018 6:00 pm
04/30/2018 10:00 am - 05/02/2018 6:00 pm
06/11/2018 10:00 am - 06/13/2018 6:00 pm
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