Developing Seam 2.2 JEE Web Applications

Seam is an advanced JSF Framework that binds and integrates many JEE components more naturally into a full stack solution. Building on standards like JSF, JPA, EJB, and AJAX, it uses extensive Dependency Injection and Outjection to facilitate component access between pages, business objects and business processes. The advances in Seam have found their way back into the new version of JSF.

This comprehensive training course will give you the ability to fluidly create JEE Web Applications using the Seam Framework. This course starts with a review of core JSF concepts as well as JPA and EJB3 concepts. As Seam is a framework designed to integrate most of the JEE umbrella of APIs, a significant portion of this course is designed to practice those integrations.

This course is based on Seam 2.2 with an eye forward to the up-and-coming Seam 3. The 5-day class has expanded reviews for JSF Fundamentals and JPA for students who are not already fluent with them.

Course Outline

• Review of JSF
• The JSF LifeCycle
• Managed Beans
• JSF Tags
• Unified Expression Language
• Navigation
• JSF Events
• Validation and Conversion

• Facelets
• Facelets Overview
• Facelets Layouts
• UI Design
• Composite Views
• Custom View
• Advanced Layouts
• Review of JPA and EJB3
• Object-Relational Mapping and Persistence
• Relationships
• Eager and Lazy Loading
• Mapping Inheritance in Relational Models

• Seam Lifecycle
• Inversion of Control and Dependency Bijection
• Seam Components
• Seam Contexts

• Seam Events and Event-Driven Development
• Event-Driven Application Architecture
• Seam Events
• Custom Events

• Conversations and State Management
• Flash and Conversation Scopes
• Conversation Flow
• Conversation States
• Transitions

• Model-Driven Development and Engineering with Seam:
• Using Seam-Gen
• Hibernate Reveng and FTL
• Extending Seam-Gen

• Looking Forward
• JSF 2 and Seam 3 in JEE 6
• Seam Forge vs. Seam Gen
• Looking Forward to JEE7


Developers, software designers, and programmers.