DB2 9 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows Advanced Database Administration

This comprehensive 5-day course prepares the student for challenging questions on database design; data partitioning and clustering; high availability diagnostics; performance and scalability; security and encryption; connectivity and networking; and much more.

Course Outline

Database Design
 Servers, Instances, and Databases
 Creating a Non-partitioned DB2 Database
 Creating a Partitioned DB2 Database
 Buffer Pools
 Table Spaces
 Expanding a Database's Boundaries with Federated Systems

Data Partitioning and Clustering
 Partitioned Databases - A Closer Look
 Partition Groups
 Partitioning Keys and Partitioning Maps
 Range Clustering and Range Partitioning
 Multidimensional Clustering
 Combining Database and Table Partitioning, with   Multidimensional Clustering
 The Design Advisor
 The Balanced Configuration Unit

High Availability and Diagnostics
 Transaction Logging
 Database Recovery Concepts
 Performing a Crash Recovery Operation
 Backup and Recovery
 Backing Up and Restoring a Partitioned Database
 Testing the Integrity of a Backup Image
 Backing Up a Database with Split Mirroring
 Managing Log Files With a User Exit Program
 High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR)
 Problem Determination Tools

Performance and Scalability
 Basic Performance Tuning
 Tuning the DB2 Environment
 Configuring Instances and Databases
 Self-Tuning Memory Manager
 Object Statistics and the RUNSTATS Utility
 The DB2 Optimizer
 Optimizer Techniques
 Writing Better Queries
 More About Joins
 Analyzing DB2 Query Access Plans
 Taking Control of The Server
 Deep Compression

 Controlling Database Access
 Authorities and Privileges
 Granting Authorities and Privileges
 Authorities and Privileges Needed to Perform Common Tasks
 Securing Data Using Encryption
 Securing Data with Label-Based Access Control (LBAC)
 DB2's Audit Facility

Connectivity and Networking
 Configuring Communications
 DB2's Directory Files
 Cataloging Remote Servers and Databases
 DB2 Discovery
 Fast Communications Manager (FCM) Communications
 Troubleshooting Communications Errors


Database administrators versed in DB2 wanting to learn more about advanced database administration activities and students wishing to gain knowledge to help them pass the DB2 9 UDB Advanced DBA certification exam