Customizing Salesforce1 with Clicks

This course is perfect for Salesforce administrators and application builders who want to know more about Salesforce1. This hands-on course will enable students to use clicks (not code) to customize the look and feel of Salesforce1 for their mobile user base. This is a bring-your-own-device course.

Course Outline

Introduction to Salesforce1

  • Mobile Strategy

  • Salesforce1 User Setup Options

  • Customizing with Clicks vs. Code

Customize Mobile Navigation

  • Orientation to the Navigation Menu

  • Order Navigation Menu Items

  • Customize Smart Search Items

  • Advanced Techniques: Create Page Tabs


  • Enable and Configure Mobile Notifications

Customize Page Layouts

  • Anatomy of a Page Layout

  • Optimize Record Details

  • Create Mobile Cards

  • Create Compact Layouts

Customize Publisher Actions

  • Publisher Actions Overview

  • Global vs. Object-specific Actions

  • Start Creating an Action

  • Add an Action to the Global Publisher Layout

  • Add an Action to an Object-specific Publisher Layout

SalesforceA (Optional)

  • Introduction to SalesforceA


Customizing Salesforce1 Using Clicks is ideal for Salesforce users who know how to administer Salesforce and/or build Salesforce applications declaratively on a desktop browser and now need to configure and customize the mobile experience for their users.