Customer Service Representative

This one-day HDI Customer Service Representative (HDI-CSR) course introduces the skills and techniques required to provide exceptional customer service and support. It applies to both support center and call center environments.

Students will learn call handling best practices; communication and listening techniques; documentation, problemsolving and troubleshooting skills; conflict negotiation; and responses to difficult customer behaviors.

What You Will Learn:
•How to assess customer business needs and exceed customer expectations
•Critical thinking skills to resolve incidents quickly and consistently
•Active listening skills and effective communication strategies
•How to identify and defuse challenging customer behavior
•An awareness of the core processes and best practices used in service and support

The cost of the HDI Customer Service Representative Certification Exam is included in the course price.

All HDI certification exams are based on the HDI certification standards. HDI courses are developed from the certification standards and are designed to assist a student in preparing for an HDI certification exam. They reinforce the core concepts of the HDI certification standards and provide skills building opportunities for the attendees. Learn more about the HDI standards.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Your Role in the Support Center
The Role of the Customer Service Representative
Total Contact Ownership
Procedures for Call Handling
Quality Assurance
Unit 2: Communication Skills
The Communication Process
Cultural Sensitivity
Vocal Elements
Active Listening
Incident Documentation
Writing Skills

Unit 3: Problem-solving and Troubleshooting Skills
Problem-solving and Types of Thinking
Questioning Skills
Solve Incidents with IMPACT
Additional Customer Service Skills to Employ During
Incident Management

Unit 4: Maximizing Effectiveness
Your Customer's Psychological Needs
Handling Conflict
Strategies for Handling Difficult Customer Behaviors
Stress Management
The Power of a Service Attitude


Who Should Attend:

  • Support professionals from Customer Service Centers, Call Centers, and Support Centers who want to improve their customer service skills

  • Those who are seeking HDI Customer Service Representative Certification