Customer Service In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Customer Service course provides an insight into how companies can maintain high levels of customer satisfaction by automation of business processes. This Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Service course is designed to provide users with the ability to schedule functions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016.

Course Outline

Manage cases and the knowledge base

  • Create and manage cases

  • Create and manage the knowledge base

Manage queues, entitlements, and service level agreements (SLAs)

  • Create and manage queues

  • Create and manage entitlements

  • Create and manage SLAs

Manage service scheduling, interactive service hub, and the unified help desk

  • Implement and manage service scheduling

  • Work with the interactive service hub and the unified service desk

Work with FieldOne and surveys and perform service management analysis

  • Perform service management analysis

  • Use FieldOne with service management

  • Work with surveys


  • Relationship Managers

  • Customer Service Managers

  • Sales Managers

  • Consultants

  • Operations Managers