Cloud-Based Integration Using Azure Logic Apps

This 5-day course offers the full picture for developers who need to build integration solutions using the Azure platform, and gives students about 20 hours of hands-on lab time in which they will build several integration solutions.

Attendees of this course will learn how to build cloud-hosted integration solutions that utilize the power of Microsoft Azure. The Azure cloud platform offers a vast variety of diverse services to help enterprises build powerful solutions.


Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Logic Apps and Cloud-Based Integration

  • Microsoft Integration Platform Vision

  • Logic App Technology Primer

  • Building a Simple Logic Apps

Module 2: Setting Up an Azure App Service Development Environment

  • Components of Hybrid Integrations

  • Setting Up a Development Environment

Module 3: Introduction to Logic Apps

  • Logic App Fundamentals

  • Anatomy of a Logic App

  • Intro to Logic Apps Expressions

  • Manual Testing and Troubleshooting

Module 4: Using Azure Resource Groups as an Application Lifecycle Container

  • Resource Groups Fundamentals

  • Working with Resource Groups

  • Managing Resource Deployments Using Team Foundation Server

Module 5: Advanced Logic Apps

  • Conditional Execution

  • Calling External Logic

  • Exception Handling

  • Looping Through Data

  • Tracking

Module 6: Building Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Apps Using Azure App Service

  • EAI Concepts

  • Implement VETERO Using Logic Apps

  • Enabling Hybrid Integrations

  • Introducing the Enterprise Integration Pack

Module 7: Creating Schemas

  • Introduction to Schemas

  • Creating XML Schemas

  • Schemas for Non-XML Messages

  • Introduction to Logic Apps and Cloud-Based Integration

  • Microsoft Integration Platform Vision

  • Logic App Technology Primer

  • Building a Simple Logic Apps

Module 8: Mapping Data Using Transforms

  • Introduction to Maps

  • Manipulating Data Using Functoids

  • Getting the Most out of the Mapper

Module 9: Introduction to Microsoft Azure Service Bus

  • What Is Service Bus?

  • Working with Queues

  • How Service Bus Handles Failures

Module 10: Implementing a Publish/Subscribe Model Using Service Bus

  • Theory of Topics and Subscriptions

  • Programming with Topics and Subscriptions

  • Interacting with Topics and Subscriptions Programmatically

Module 11: Architecting Cloud Integration Solutions

  • Reviewing Core Technologies

  • Workshop: Full Day Workshop

  • Lab 11A: Building EAI Apps Using Azure App Service

  • Lab 11B: Advanced Apps with Azure App Service

  • Lab 11C: Building Request/Response Logic Apps

Module 12: Building Custom API Apps

  • Anatomy of an API App

  • Fundamentals of Web API

  • Hello API App World

  • Debugging API Apps

Module 13: Building Custom Triggers

  • Concepts of Triggers

  • Creating Polling Triggers


This course is designed for experienced .NET developers with a strong desire to learn about Microsoft’s new Integration options using Azure Logic Apps.

Attendees should be proficient with C# and have some familiarity with ASP.NET, MVC, and Web API.