BizTalk Expert Series: EDI

This three-day course is designed for experienced BizTalk Developers and Administrators who are responsible for planning, creating, and deploying EDI-based integration solutions in a BizTalk Server 2013 and 2010 environment. Attendees of this course will learn how to implement sophisticated business-to-business integration solutions using EDIFACT, X12 (including HIPAA), and AS2.

The BizTalk Expert Series: EDI course content includes instructor-led presentation materials, classroom demonstrations, challenging hands-on labs, and an electronic workbook containing notes and links to additional online resources.


Course Outline

09/06/2017Course Outline

  • Create parties

  • Configure profiles, including protocol and encoding settings

  • Create EDI and AS2 agreements

  • Create batches of EDI messages

  • Split batched messages

  • Configure the creation and processing of acknowledgement messages

  • Customize EDIFACT and X12 schemas

  • Build maps for transforming EDI messages

  • Configure tracking and reporting for EDI message processing

  • Route messages using EDI-specific properties


For experienced BizTalk developers only.