Agile Certified Practitioner PMI-ACP Prep Course

The purpose of this course is to prepare the students for the ACPSM certification exam.  The class begins with an overview of Agile approaches.  It includes Scrum, XP, Agile Earned Value, Kanban, and hybrid approaches to implementing Agile on projects.  The class also reviews Agile tools techniques such as story prioritization, backlog management, Agile estimation, personas, TDD, Information Radiators, and other tools.  The class ends with a practice quiz to simulate the experience of taking the ACPSM exam.  Although the class is intended for those with some Agile experience who wish to prepare for the certification exam, those experienced project managers with are curious about Agile and want an introduction.

After leaving this class, students will be able to explain Agile to others and pass the Agile Certified Practitioner PMI-ACPSM exam.

Course Outline

  • Course Objectives

  • Gain an understanding of communication among collocated and distributed teams

  • Learn to plan for an Agile team

    • Cumulative flow diagrams

    • Process tailoring

    • retrospectives

  • Understand how to estimate within an Agile team

  • Appreciate the benefits of product roadmaps

  • Understand the benefits of continuous integration and test driven development for ensuring quality

  • Learn how servant leadership enables Agile teams to perform

  • Understand Agile risk management techniques

  • Understand the most common metrics used within Agile

  • Understand Value Stream Analysis

  • Understand when and how QA involvement is necessary for the process


Those who need to know the basics of Agile and wish to sit for the PMI-ACPSM exam.

Primary Attendee Group: Project Managers
Secondary Attendee Group: Project Team Members, Product Owners, Managers