ACI Field Engineer Essentials (ACIFE)

This 3-day course provides a deep dive into ACI concepts and best practices. Students will learn ACI configuration and basic operations, including rack-and-stack initial installation, application profile configuration, hypervisor integration and external connectivity. This class will go into the weeds. After completing this course, students will be qualified to start with switches on the loading dock and quickly build an operational, functioning ACI fabric. There are labs for each step of the course, with a final Challenge Lab for comprehensive review.

Course Outline

  • ACI Overview

  • ACI Switches

  • Application Policy Infrastructure Controller

  • Initial Fabric Configuration

  • ACI Policy Model

  • Application Profiles

  • VMware Integration

  • External Layer 2 Connectivity

  • External Layer 3 Connectivity

  • ACI Operations

  • Deconstruction and Challenge Lab

  • Hands on labs throughout to reinforce concepts


  • Field Engineers

  • Solutions Architects

  • Systems Integrators

  • Support Teams

  • End user customers deploying ACI fabrics